Lithium-ion Battery Powered Pallet Truck (MPC15)

ElectroMech-Yale MPC15 Pallet Truck a compact and lightweight truck that comes equipped with a powerful, low-noise Lithium-ion battery that offers on-the-go (Opportunity Charging). It helps you move loads weighing up to 1.5 tons effortlessly and safely to the desired destination with a push of a button.

Why choose MPC15 over conventional Hand Pallet Truck?

Using an ElectroMech-Yale MPC15 is far less cumbersome, reduces fatigue and offers more benefits over a conventional Hand Pallet Truck (HPT). It comes loaded with features such as:

  • 6-second battery exchange – ideal for continuous operations
  • Ergonomically designed, multi-function handle with LCD display
  • Intelligent remote control key with recharge alert
  • Large battery capacity with maximum uptime
  • Comes with maintenance-free components like the brushless drive motor and battery
  • Durable steel frame and protective cover
  • Emergency reverse ‘belly’ button
  • Performs well on gradients


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