Electric Pallet Truck (Walk behind)

The ElectroMech Yale Electric Pallet trucks are phenomenal in their capabilities to provide both operator ease and durable performance with energy efficiency and low-maintenance functionality.

There’s nothing ordinary about ElectroMech-Yale Pedestrian Pallet Trucks.

It provides a wide alternative of fork lengths, fork spread and load capacity. These heavy duty electric pallet trucks are best for:

  • Great for Light, medium and heavy duty indoor load handling
  • Lorry charging and discharging made efficient
  • Horizontal transport over short and long distances
  • Ramp and gradient applications

A pallet truck which is a heavy duty lifter yet not light on the abundant features!

  • Equipped for productivity of up to 11 % when unloading
  • Utilizes up to 7% less energy
  • Has accomplished 200,000 work cycles devoid of failure
  • Managed to lifted over 450 million kg with no failure
  • Ingenious design features which augments ease of application and operator comfort
  • Short tilt control arm that offers a tight turning radius powered with variable speed control and low speed switch in the handle
  • Ergonomically designed mid-mount control handle crafted with a cushioned return spring plus a large, turn-table steel bearing for enhanced manoeuvrability and decreased steering effort.
  • Decreased cost of ownership owing to low-maintenance brushless AC traction control along with the robust and lasting new frame design.
  • Get impeccable stability even on uneven floors with the spring-loaded casters that enhance lateral stability and amplify truck performance & serviced life.

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