Very Narrow Aisle Man Up Turret Trucks

Execute every application of the warehouse environment with absolute perfection and efficiency with the Yale MTC series. Offering easy operation in very narrow aisles, the MTC series of very narrow aisle trucks (VNA trucks) are designed to increase the warehouse storage density retaining the ability of one hundred percent selectivity for a fast and safe move up high volumes.

This series of VNA forklift trucks are adept at lifting up to 17m and allows optimum space utilization. It offers superior elevation empowering the operator to execute piece picking when required with outstanding visibility of the pallet at all times.

Ergonomic features

  • Designed with an integrated large cushioned floor space that absorbs vibration discretely housing the operator's presence foot pedals to avoid any possible trip hazard. Every pedal is about the size of an A5 sheet of paper and is easily activated by the operator’s feet for unhindered liberty to detect a comfortable operating position at all times
  • Characterized with adjustable seat in height that folds up for additional comfort and support when the operator is in the standing position. When operated in a reverse direction, the seat also rotates up to 20° either left or right.
  • The 3- way adjustable forward mounted controls or seat side joystick controls can be placed vertically or horizontally which offers operators the choice to sit or stand in an ergonomic work environment.
  • Designed meticulously with top and bottom mounted turret head, it allows enhanced load handling and visibility of the forks and pallet at all times such that the operator has full vision of both forks even in the lowered ground position.

Productivity Features

  • The Yale MTC class unleashes world-class productivity with the ability to travel up to 12 km/h in both rail or wire guided operations along with the speedy acceleration to the highest speed.
  • Spike up efficiency with the speedy and accurate pallet insertion feature into the racking aperture which is allowed owing to its integral pantograph mechanism in the turret head. This is fortified with side clearances when in traveling mode that offers faster cycle times.
  • The Yale MTC designed with a patented hydraulic system gives the operator the ability to execute concurrent operations, for instance, while lifting the cabin the operator can also traverse, rotate and operate the auxiliary lift. This avoids any hindrances in its functionality, elevates its output and the smoothness of any pallet retrieval and put-away substantially.
  • Offering up to 30 kW of lifting power at the operator’s fingertips’, the Yale MTC is your go-to truck for all applications that entail high pallet throughput.

Every Yale MTC is characterized by the standardized speed from height to weight feature. When in an application, this renders it with the highest speed possible calculated specifically for the VNA truck on the basis of the height of its cabin and the weight of the load it carries. In case of no load, it is empowered with additional speed for accelerated productivity.


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