4 Wheel Electric Trucks

4 Wheel Electric Truck

2000 kg - 3120 kg

Electric Fork Lift (4-wheel)

ERP 25 CF 1500 kg/2000 kg/ 2500 kg

Electric Fork Lift (4-wheel)

4000 kg/ 4500kg/ 5000 kg

Electric Fork Lift (4-wheel)

3600 kg – 5400 kg

Manufactured to be the best maneuverable truck in the industry, our Yale 4 wheel electric forklift has a customized steer-axle allowing it to function in smaller spaces with amplified articulation of the front wheels. Designed to rotate through a complete 180º, the steer tyres are supported by the extended steering-axle. When pooled with the dual drive front axle, it enables the truck to pivot about a point near the center of the front axle. With a significantly reduced radius, the 4 wheel truck functions easily in decreased aisle widths. Experience improved floor space utilization with enhanced productivity and manageability for the customer with our Yale 4 wheel electric Trucks.

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