4 Wheel Electric Trucks


The Yale 4-wheel forklifts are the most manoeuvrable trucks in the market today. The customised steer-axle allows the forklift to turn in smaller spaces because of its increased articulation of the front wheels. The extended steering-axle allows the steer tyres to rotate through a full 180º, and when combined with the dual drive front axle, allows the truck to pivot about a point near the centre of the front axle. This results in a significantly reduced turning radius allowing the truck to work in reduced aisle widths. This leads to increased floor space utilisation, better manageability and increased productivity for the customer.

Electric Fork Lift (4-wheel)

ERP 25 CF 1500 kg/2000 kg/ 2500 kg

Electric Fork Lift (4-wheel)

4000 kg/ 4500kg/ 5000 kg

4 Wheel Electric Truck

2000 kg - 3120 kg

Electric Fork Lift (4-wheel)

3600 kg – 5400 kg

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