Diesel Forklifts


Yale Internal combustion engine forklifts come in three options namely LPG, diesel and dual fuel option. Theseforklifts are re-engineered for providing maximum speed, power and clean performance. Wide range of internal combustion counterbalanced trucks combine optimum performance and operator safety. Available in 1,500 – 3,500kg capacities, they are perfect material handling solutions. The dual fuel range of forklifts come in the option of using diesel and LPG. The 2.6 l Yanmar diesel engine gives you excellent fuel economy, giving 33.9kW of power @ 2700 RPM, while the 2.2. l Mazda engine uses LPG and gives 36kW power@2600 RPM.

Forklift Diesel/LPG/Dual fuel

3000 kg

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