Forklifts With Attachments


ElectroMech and Yalebring to you a wide range of accessories suitable for your application and work environment to enhance the productivity and life of the equipment.

Paper Roll Clamps

Weight, susceptibility to damage, multiple handling stages, variety in dimensions and long transport chain make it essential to use well-chosen, well-maintained equipment to handle paper rolls.
ElectroMech – Yale paper roll clamp is a must-have attachment for your forklift to handle small, medium and large rolls in paper mills, warehouses, printing, converting houses, tissue handling etc.

Pulp Bale Clamps and Waste Paper Bale Clamps

Pulp bale clamps are normally designed to carry 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 pulp bale units at a time. Sometimes the same clamps are also used to handle single bales and non-unitised bale sets. Waste paper bale handling is harsher than any other bale handling operation and attachments need to be sturdy to withstand the wear and tear. ElectroMech – Yale bale clamps can handle a range of sizes of pulp, cotton, wool, fabric, tobacco bales and are also useful in handling waste paper. They are exceptionally useful in recycle chains of plastic, metals and fabrics.

Sideshifters and Fork Positioners

Handling of pallets of different dimensions? Need the functionality of changing the centre to centre distance? Look no further. The possibility of shifting the forks offers enhanced safety and time saving. Sideshifters and fork positioners are especially handy in applications like –

Multiple Pallet Handlers

Multi-pallet Handler are used in industries characterised by heavy handling of palletised loads e.g. soft drinks, breweries, mineral water bottling plants, brick industries etc. The multiple pallet handlers can dramatically reduce handling time, increasing the productivity and reducing costs during storage or loading and unloading of vehicles. Our shaft and profile guided systems offer the best solution with efficiency and flexibility. Auto lubricating systems avoid wear and damage caused due to too low, high or no greasing.

Parallel Clamps

Parallel clamps are used to handle recycled paper, compressed/soft cellulose pulp, fibres, textiles, recycled plastics, foam rubber blocks, boxes, tobacco, rubber, used clothes. Typical applications include –

Home Appliance and Carton Clamps

From production plants to the final user, carton clamps increase both process stability and productivity by safe and simultaneous handling of many products. Optimal adjustment of clamp forces ensures damage-free handling of sensitive goods. These attachments are exceptionally useful for handling white goods and appliances in production sites, logistic centres and forwarding companies and to enhance load protection from damages to the top.

Push Pulls

The push pulls are designed to handle goods with slipsheets instead of wooden pallets and are used in various industries such as food, beverage, glassware, building material, agricultural, paper, chemical and automotive. Quick and efficient, push pull offers the possibility to convert a conventional fork lift truck with forks into a specially equipped machine to handle loads on slip sheets, increasing productivity without any compromise for safety.

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