Hand Pallet Truck

The ElectroMech Yale® hand pallet trucks are robust, adaptable and stress-free to use and feature an efficient design that may decrease operator efforts and downtime.

These Hand pallet trucks are suited for: :

  • Industrial sectors where the pallets are warehoused at ground level.
  • Lifting lighter loads / small pallet stacks in comparison with those that are conveniently moveable.

A hand pallet truck manufactured for every requirement of load lifts.

  • Designed with Cushioned handle offering operator ease with articulating axle that allows the load to be stable and performs the job of a shock absorber.
  • Entry rollers avoid "pushing" the pallet upon entry and Exit rollers avoid "pulling" the pallet when exiting.
  • Handle bolt crafted for comfortable assembly and removal with ease.
  • Designed with grease and oil fittings at every casting and pivot point.

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