These 2 lift trucks will raise productivity for your retail business

India’s retail sector has grown massively over the last couple of decades. The industry has grown twofold since the arrival of online shopping portals. At this frontier of efficiency, where time, speed and productivity make all the difference, only the most robust material handling equipment can deliver the goods, pun intended. Here are our top forklifts that will give you the competitive edge in the retail business.


ElectroMech Yale offers you Battery-operated pallet trucks, like the MP20AP, with a 2 ton load capacity. This is a useful and proven equipment to handle a variety of loads. BOPTs are designed to operate in busy warehouses for long hours, with high uptime. The batteries can be extracted horizontally from a convenient position to make changing batteries quicker and easier. Since the retail industry needs a rapid rate of pick-ups, the compact design of these pallet trucks make them very easy to manoeuvre, even at high speeds. Some of these also come with automatic braking when making turns to keep loads stable.

Electric stacker

Electric Stackers come in Ride-On and Walk-Behind options to cater to your needs. This range comes in a wide range of options of load capacities, lift heights and battery sizes to best fit your needs and the way your warehouse is configured. The stacker trucks are laden with industry-leading technology like AC-DC Combi Controllers and CANbus communications electrical systems. CANbus also makes it extremely easy to connect the forklift to a PC to diagnose potential issues before they start hampering performance. All this ensures these lift trucks will run for long hours while needing minimal maintenance downtime.


Simply adding these two kinds of lift trucks to your fleet can push your retail business into the lead by helping you manage your costs while accelerating your productivity. We also have a range of reach trucks, order pickers and very narrow aisle lift trucks if your warehouses have high racks.

At ElectroMech Yale, we also understand that servicing, however rare it may be for our forklifts, is a very important aspect to the productivity our products offer. We have a wide network of servicing centres and personnel through Cranedge. They are dedicated to minimising downtime through quick responses and efficient, state-of-the-art servicing equipment.

Take your retail business to the next level with the help of our advanced range of lift trucks. Get in touch with us.