Yale lift trucks can overcome the challenges in the snacks sector

The food sector can be a tough industry to work in, especially due to the seasonality of certain foods and huge fluctuations in demand. Snacks, on the other hand stay relatively consistent but festival seasons, fads, trends and new product lines can also keep businesses on their toes. There are also other challenges that snack making companies can face, the handling of which can be crucial. We have the perfect solutions to overcome them.

Fluctuating demand

Demand can fluctuate across product lines and over time too. Since the snack sector also has a steady influx of new products, material handling equipment needs to be versatile enough to be able to handle heavy loads and light effectively, efficiently and flexibly. ElectroMech Yale offers electric stacker trucks in which speed, lift and lower heights, lift performance and dual lift controls can all be changed based on your applications and load requirements.

Cold Storage

Several of our forklifts can come with modifications that enable them to work effectively in cold storage facilities. Our Reach Truck, for instance can come with a heated and insulated driver’s cabin, heated seats and windows, sealed electronics, and cold resistance hydraulic lubricants. The reach truck is also powered by lithium-ion batteries, which work well even in low temperatures.

High Racks & Narrow Aisles

ElectroMech Yale Reach Trucks also come in a range of lift heights depending on the heights the racks. They come with a reach height of up to 12.7 m and also come in a range of load capacities too. These lift trucks are also quite narrow and can manoeuvre well in the narrow aisles of a warehouse or even a cold storage facility. You can consider our range of Yale Very Narrow Aisle Forklifts.


Sensitive Goods

Material handling equipment in the food sector have to be selected considering the impact of their emissions on raw materials. Fortunately, our electric stacker trucks, reach trucks and BOPT (battery operated pallet trucks) are all powered by lithium ion batteries that have zero emissions. Another advantage to battery operated electric forklifts is that they are very easy to recharge while operators are on a break, so they can work for long shift hours without needed extended downtime for recharging.


ElectroMech Yale offers some of the best forklifts in India across industries. We pay special attention to the challenges each industry faces and try to provide solutions through our range of lift trucks. The food industry in particular has a varied set of needs when handling raw materials or even finished goods at different stages of production. The BOPT, reach and stacker trucks are particularly effective in meeting those requirements and elevating a business’s productivity and efficiency while helping them manage cost of ownership.

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