Benefits of an Electric Stacker

Pallet stackers are becoming the most preferred material handling equipment in warehouses across the globe, all thanks to their versatility and efficiency. This blog informs you on what exactly is a stacker and the benefits it offers to your business operations and different other applications.

What is a Stacker?

A stacker has a similar compact design as a pallet truck; however, it comes with a mast for lifting. This means that the stacker can not only move and handle goods and pallets; it can also lift and stack them on racks and shelves for storage and retrieval.

Benefits of a Stacker

Enhanced Storage Capacity:

Going by their name, stackers allow you to stack goods, pallets, products onto racks in a vertical arrangement, sometimes, also on top of one another like block stacking. Such vertical stacking allows for maximum space utilization and enhanced storage density within the warehouse and reduced infrastructure costs.


Stackers are equivalent to pallet trucks when it comes to handling and moving products around the warehouse. However, stackers can also lift and stack materials onto racking and platforms that aren’t that high enough for a reach truck. This proves that the stackers can perform multiple functions within a warehouse or a storage facility; offering high levels of versatility.

Excellent Manoeuvrability:

Stacker trucks mostly have a very compact design which means they can operate in confined spaces and narrow aisles with ease and comfort. Stackers are designed to optimize operations even in minimum aisle widths of 2.8 mts. This reduction in operating space results in an increase in the overall storage space. Along with a compact design, stackers come with an ergonomic tiller head and controls for operational comfort. This feature offers a small turning radius for the stacker enabling them to move and handle pallets even in very confined spaces.

Why Us?

Stackers offered by ElectroMech-Yale are designed and engineered to deliver low costs of operations without compromising on performance and productivity. Our stackers are well-equipped with productivity-enhancing features such as ergonomic tiller head, cushioned platform, variable speed controls, auto deceleration function, emergency reverse button, optimum structural design that improves stability and many more. If you would like to know more about our stackers, contact our experts at